Thursday, July 16, 2009

Former Sadr spokesman: Bloc undecided on rejoining the UIA

From Buratha News:

The former spokesman of the Sadrist bloc said in a press conference that the bloc has not decided yet whether or not to rejoin the United Iraqi Alliance. The former spokesman, Salah Obeidi explained that joining any political coalition in the future will require that the coalition be pluralistic and based on a nationalistic agenda. Obeidi added that in the absence of such a national coalition, the bloc would enter elections on its own. He also denied there was a good chance for rejoining the existing UIA.

Worth mentioning that Moqtada Sadr ousted Obeidi from his position and appointed a person known by the name sheik Abu Shujaa as his replacement. Abu Shujaa was targeted in an IED attack two days after his appointment. Abu Shujaa survived the attack with some injuries while his driver was killed.

The interesting thing is that Obeidi still behaves as if he is still the spokesman of the Sadrist bloc in clear disregard for Moqtada’s orders.

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