Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Cleaning up the house...

Speaker of parliament to be replaced :

BAGHDAD, Iraq - The head of the main Sunni bloc in parliament called Tuesday for the Sunni speaker of parliament to step down to help the stability of the unity government after Shiite and Kurdish parties insisted on his removal.

Frankly it's about time he submits his resignation or even be kicked out if necessary, I admit that he tricked us in the beginning with his sense of humor and show of humility but it didn't take a long time till he took off that mask and revealed his true ugly face.
His attitudes and statements were embarrassing in more than a few occasions at a time when that' the last this we need.

I can't guess who's going to replace him and if the replacement is going to be from the same bloc then choices will be limited but it's clear now that everyone has had enough of al-Meshhadani including his own bloc so there's a good chance they will be more careful with their nominations this time and choose someone who isn't a Hamas-type nutcase clown.

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