Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Samarra puts a reward on the head of the golden dome attack's mastermind.

Al-Sabah has the report:

The people of Samarra offer a 100 million dinar reward to anyone who provides information that lead to the death or arrest of Haitham al-Badri. Sheikh Khalid al-Baz, one of the prominent sheikhs of Samarra told al-Sabah that al-Badri was notorious for his violent behavior and had committed several armed robberies and carjackings.

Al-Baz added that al-Badri joined al-Qaeda after US troops killed his brother to later become an "Emir" of this terrorist organization in the Salahiddin province and started murdering anyone who opposed his Takfiri ideology; that's why he and his gang murdered sheikh Hikmat al-Baz of the influential al-Bo Baz tribe. The men of the tribe then decided to fight this Takfiri group and with the help of the 1920 revolution brigades they killed more than 50 terrorists and forced others to flee.

"Now that the people of Samarra know that it was al-Badri who blew up the Dome of their ancestors they are trying to hunt him down and they distributed photos of al-Badri's in the markets" said al-Baz and added that 1000 of the sons of Samarra are chasing down al-Badri and whoever helped him carryout his coward doings.

The 100 million dinars (~ $ 68 000) is not a lot of money compared to the multi-million rewards offered by governments for similar hunts but when it comes from a single tribe (or even a bunch of them) it reflects the seriousness of these people in what they're saying and doing.

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