Thursday, March 16, 2006

Who's really in the swamp?

According to this BBC report and this AP story, AbdulAziz al-Hakeem called for talks between Iran and the US over the situation in Iraq in what I view as an armature maneuver from Tehran to find an escape from her conflict with the international community.

This development leads me to a number of important conclusions as it includes a confession from Iran that they are strongly interfering with the situation in Iraq but at the same Iran is saying that this interference is negotiable and in my opinion the bargain offer brought by al-Hakeem is in fact an Iranian proposed call for compromise because the Iranians have been talking about opening a window to talk with the US (and of course Iran wants the price for leaving Iraq alone to be leaving them alone to move on with their ambitious nuclear program).

Obviously someone deluded Iran and Syria into believing that meddling with the situation in Iraq might give them leverage and help them get out of their conflict with the international community.
Both Iran and Syria are looking forward to a deal that allows them to make some political gains in return for taking their hands off Iraq and both regimes like to say that America has to get out of the Iraqi swamp and that they are capable of getting her out of it.

But is Iraq really a swarm for America or is it a swamp for the Syrian and Iranian regimes?
I believe the latter possibility is truer; those two regimes had proven beyond doubts that they are against security and stability in Iraq and the Middle East and they had proven themselves as great supporters for terrorism maybe not realizing that by doing so they are making the world only more aware of the dangers imposed by these two regimes.

As an Iraqi what concerns me the most is that some Iraqi politicians are helping Iran and Syria play their dirty game in Iraq, this game that brought troubles over troubles to our people and cost us a lot of blood, resources and time.

What we need is an investigation committee similar to Mehlis's to uncover the daily crimes and identify those involved in these crimes whether foreigners or Iraqis so that we can arrest those responsible and put them to trial and we won't lack the evidence a successful trial requires.

I do not expect the US or the rational nations in this world to make a deal with losing regimes like the two in question; Iran and Syria are going against the current of logic and history and their burdens will grow heavier with time because the way they read facts and changes in the region will only lead them to more isolation and I can already see them in a confrontation with the world.

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