Friday, March 31, 2006

Know your enemies, dudes! Pt II

These days in Beirut, the fourth conference for supporting the "Iraqi resistance" is being held. It came only less than a year after their grand failure 3rd conference which we wrote about back in August.

The most notable statement given during this conference was made by Hasan NesrAllah of the Lebanese terror organization Hizbullah. The turbaned warlord explicitly said he and his party support the "Iraqi resistance" yet he called upon Iraqis to avoid falling into a Sunni-Shia or Muslim-Christian strife.
If you're not familiar with this conference, it's basically a gathering of all kinds of thugs you can think of; pan-Arab racists, Ba'athists from Iraq and Syria, Sadrists, Islamists (including Khalid Mish'al of Hamas this time).

NesrAllah was not specific on which kind of "resistance" he supports except for putting it clear that he means the armed one by saying "I respect those who chose the political way but I urge them to respect the resistance and not to interrupt its work".
You know that there is more than one kind of "resistance" over here; one represented by Zarqawi and his ilk, one by Saddamists, another by Islamist Sunnis backed by Syria and another by radical Shias like Sadr's thugs who are backed by Iran.

The latter two are being denounced and described as terror groups by each other and by the politicians more or less affiliated with them. Now the question goes to the politicians again; which wing of resistance/terrorism you think NesrAllah is referring to?

Was he referring to the Takfiri Wahabis who slaughter Shias in particular (and Iraqis in general) with cold blood? Or was he referring to Sadr's militias that leave dozens of dead shot and strangled "unidentified bodies" scattered in Baghdad on daily basis, not to mention intimidate their political partners and all civilians in their areas of power?

The truth is over there, just open your eyes and you will see it shining like the sun in a July afternoon.
And do not forger that NesrAllah and his party are the pets raised equally by Damascus and Tehran.
To me it is clear that NesrAllah supports both sides of the "resistance" and his advice not to be dragged to a civil war is pure bull^%$#, he wants Iraqis to kill each other because that's what his masters want and remember that he is the one who advised you 4 years ago when you were the resistance back then to "go to Saddam and negotiate with him and spare us the trouble of letting America in"…he and his masters wouldn't mind seeing you all murdered by Saddam if that could've stopped America from coming in and liberating Iraq.


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