Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Time for some maintenance

I decided it was time to finally endorse Blogger's new (a couple years old actually!) goodies and fancy tools. So, I will be upgrading, adding, removing, adjusting and readjusting page elements, sidebar content, links etc one thing at a time, meaning it will probably take a couple weeks until things return to normal. The disruption will regrettably involve the comments section as well, but I will try to fix this asap.


The comments section was restored faster than expected, which is great, especially that if we lose it we lose almost 7 years worth of your comments, which would be a shame.

The best thing about this maintenance work is that hopefully display problems will be solved and people who used to see a blank space when loading the page will start to see the blog posts where they should be.
In fact, the upgrade is more than 70% complete!...Some work on the blogroll and links and we will be done.

By the way, your feedback and suggestions would be highly appreciated.


Louise said...

Hope you're back to stay.

Don Cox said...

I usually use a browser that doesn't render CSS. The site looks fine to me, all in plain text in my preferred font.

David said...

Little Green Footballs took a sharp Left.