Friday, January 25, 2008

Hello my friends! We feel terrible about not writing anything all this time.
Mohammed and I are both doing fine, I'm doing fine at school as well, my grades from the first semester weren't exactly impressive but I'm quite satisfied given it was the first semester and I had to adjust to a completely new system.

First of all we want to thank all the friends who sent emails checking on us; thank you guys! That was really sweet of you.
We can't make promises about writing more regularly except that we will try. You know, we both live far away from Iraq now and far away from each other as well while in the first four years of blogging we used to work as a team from the same spot; watching the same news, touring the same streets and witnessing the same events firsthand, so it's a big challenge to operate effectively when all of those things are no longer possible, but we'll see…

Now I just want to make a quick comment on a resurfacing story, which is the Lancet study.
Our friends at Iraqi bloggers central emailed me saying that the study has recently been proven wrong and wondered if the Iraqi bloggers who attacked us over our criticism of the study would apologize now since we were right in our criticism.

Frankly I neither need nor expect an apology. The people who deserve a sincere apology are Iraqis as a whole, especially those who are still inside. They deserve an apology from this group of bloggers who so much wanted to believe that an additional half a million of them were dead just to support their view of the war.

Ok, that's all I have to say for now. At least you can have a new fresh thread to post your comments because the number in the last one is getting ridiculous!


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