Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Creative chaos; Iran's way

One Arab journalist had this to say in a recent article "The Arab media is bewildered now as it's been shocked by multiple incidents and fires that are all important and deserve the front page or the main headline in broadcast; from the bombing in Samarra to the fire in Gaza to the assassination of a Lebanese member of parliament all are news worth covering but where shall we start from!?"

To me I didn't have to jump from one flash spot to another to determine which bit of news is more important or worth becoming a priority in commenting on. The region is connected and no part of it is isolated from the other parts that I think a commentator should look at the Middle Eastern map as a whole instead of one point at a time.

Perhaps what first comes to mind upon looking at the broader image would be the common factor among all these escalations from Afghanistan through Iraq, Gaza, and Lebanon to the war with the Hoothi followers in Yemen and it would be clear beyond confusion that Iran is behind all of these crises.
Iran itself isn't shy of admitting support to the troublemakers in these countries and even the Shia groups who are accused of being loyal to Iran have started to say that Iran supports al-Qaeda.

I think that when the president of the united states counted Iran among the members of the axis of evil the description was not unjustifiably incriminating, it just came before the evidence that support this claim became available.
In Iran there's an ideology that alienates everyone different, and that with power in the hands of extremist and the presence of wild ambitions based on a mythical vision, this combination can only lead us to the simple conclusion that Iran has a project that is in conflict with the new orientation of the region and most importantly this project aims far beyond the borders of Iran.

Mr. Ahmadinejad told the foreign minister of France a year or so ago something like "The path to God has to go through chaos" and I'm positive that Mr. Ahmadinejad wasn't speaking of the "creative chaos" that some western leaders talk about. I believe he was speaking of the kind of chaos based on the religious myth which says the rise of the savior Imam could be accelerated by wars and destruction that engulf the region.

It looks like those who have the power in Tehran don't want to miss a chance to cause more of such chaos. Let's just imagine a nuclear Iran led by someone who believes in chaos, what kind of chaos would we face then??

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