Monday, May 28, 2007

And so they met today!

Iran's and America's ambassadors to Baghdad met here today. Iran's attitude didn't only make the meeting unproductive, it made it insulting.

Ignore the meaningless diplomatic pleasantries of "the meeting was positive" or "we'd like to meet you again in the future" and stuff like that that we hear after almost every meeting between diplomats.

Iran mocked Iraq and America today, their ambassador was here just to laugh at us and buy time for his regime by trying to fool us with his we-want-to-work-this-out-through-negotiations.
Take a look at this part:

He [Qomi] said Iran had offered to help train and arm Iraq's security forces, presently the job of the U.S. military...
He [Crocker] said he had told the Iranians they must end their support for the militias, stop supplying them with explosives and ammunition and rein in the activities of Iran's Revolutionary Guards Qods Force in Iraq.
The Iranians had rejected the allegations but did not respond in detail. In turn, they had criticized the "occupying" U.S. military's training and equipping of the new Iraqi army, saying it was "inadequate to the challenges faced."

How nice and how convenient! The Iranians want to train and arm our new army and they think they can do this better than America.
Thanks but no thanks Mr. Qomi! We know what kind of training and arming you're good at and we're frankly not interested.
All in All, I see that the regime in Iran doesn't want to limit its interference in Iraq, it's simply hoping to give this interference a cover of legitimacy, and that's what I believe isn't going to happen.

You may want to check out yesterday's post to read my earlier thought prior to the meeting.

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