Monday, June 12, 2006

Iraq, Jordan send powerful messages to Zarqawi's lovers.

The anti-Zarqawi-lovers sentiment is getting stronger in the region, especially in Iraq and Jordan where Zarqawi and his gangs committed their worst crimes.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat reports that authorities in Jordan have issued arrest warrants against four MPs from the Islamic movement; two of whom (Mohammed Abu Faris and Jafar al-Hourani) are already in custody while the search continues for Ali Abu al-Sukkar and Ibrahim al-Meshokhi.

Al-Arabiya TV mentioned today that arrests were made after families of victims of the Amman hotel bombings raised the case to the authorities after the four parliamentarians attended a mourning ceremony at Zarqawi's family home.
One of the four Islamists appeared on TV and called Zarqawi a martyr while denying that title to the victims of the Amman suicide bombings which obviously enraged the families that protested the outrageous attitude in front of the building of the Jordanian parliament.

Meanwhile in Baghdad, Al-Mada reports:
The Iraqi foreign ministry summoned the Palestinian consul Mr. Daleel al-Qassos last morning to express Iraq's shock and disappointment by Hamas's defense of Zarqawi and calling him a martyr while the entire world knows the crimes this terrorist committed against Iraqis and other peoples in the region including the Palestinians who had fallen in the Amman bombings.

The paper adds quoting the Iraqi deputy foreign minister Labeed Abbadi as saying:
Iraq was expecting a clear stand from our Arab brothers; that they would congratulate the Iraqi people and their security forces on this great accomplishment in our war on terror but we were surprised by their silence and by the attitude shown by Hamas which can only be interpreted as frank support for the murderers of Iraqis.

The report adds that the foreign ministry wants an apology from Hamas:
The Iraqi government demands that the Palestinian government headed by Hamas gives a clarification regarding their earlier statement, if they fail to do so, the Iraqi government will thoroughly discuss a suitable reaction to the attitude of the Palestinian authority.

The quick reaction of the Jordanian government is definitely appreciated and the most significant point here is that the first move came from the people who have finally risen to put a limit to the death-preachers who-without any regard for people's feeling and sufferings-defied and all values of humanity and logic let alone a legitimate judicial decree by openly praising and glorifying a murderer who created rivers of blood anywhere he went.

Those who preach hatred and death represent one of the roots of the terrorist culture and the struggle against terror cannot succeed without bringing justice upon those evil men.

I wonder what will it take to see a strong public and official stand against terrorism and death-preaching in the rest of the Middle East and when are we going to see the people in Saudi Arabia or Egypt for example raise cases against Qaradawi and his likes?

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