Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The SCIRI becomes the SICI.

In this morning's al-Mada newspaper I read of an interesting change about to happen in one of Iraq's most prominent Islamic political parties.
I know that some might thing this is of no significance but I think it will have value in the future and marks a beginning for efforts among some Islamic political parties to become less revolutionary and more civil.

The news says that some leaders of the SCIRI (Supreme Council of Islamic Revolution in Iraq) are considering changing the name of the party by dropping the "revolutionary" part to make it the "Supreme Islamic Council in Iraq" and this is supposed to be accompanied by structural reforms in the party.

Reading this gave me some feeling of relief, of course I still hope our parties stop using religious words in their names like in Islamic Dawa, Fadheela Islamic Party, Iraqi Islamic Party, etc, etc…but changes like these do not happen overnight and a step like the one to be taken by the SCIRI stands as a nice start.

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