Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Soccer, a Jewish conspiracy!

Wondering what Muqtada thinks of soccer?
Here's the answer in his own words. (Right click then 'save target as' to download, opens with real media player).

No, I wasn't smoking anything when I translated the video; this is how the "nationalist young cleric" normally speaks!


"Actually my father-bless his soul-did not spare an effort in this regard but it wasn't only him who forbid these things so to speak but it's sharia in general that forbids these things that distract worshippers from their worshipping and distract people from remembering Allah.

Habibi the west made things for us that distract us from our completion, uh, what did it put for us? Made us run after a ball habibi…that is like 'eat gargary'* habibi.
What does it mean to see a man, big tall and broad and…Muslim, runs after a ball?

Habibi, you, er, the goal that is the, the 'GOAl' as they say, if you want to run after it, run after a high goal habibi, go you behind high goals that complete you, not those that lower you. Run after a goal, put it in your mind; everyone draws a road for himself to take and to reach for the satisfaction of almighty Allah.
This is one, the second thing and more important from that; we find that the west, and especially Israel…er, habibi the Jews, have you seen them play football? Ever seen them indulge in games like other indulge and the Arabs indulge?

They left us to waste time of football and other things while they left it…
Ever heard the Israeli team, something be upon it, damn be upon it, reached for example or took the world-cup? Or even America habibi! Except for some other games…
They let us waste time on it…singing, football, and and and smoking and stuff and satellites in forbidden things are used and so on; they left us to do forbidden things and they mostly turned to scientific things and thingy things.

Why habibi? Are they better than us? No, we are better than them.

This is possible, more than that, to another point, there are games favored by the religion, do them, I mean, must you run after a ball!? Why not go swimming? Swimming is encouraged, horse riding, fencing, so and so, these are games you can indulge yourself in; just like that distracts, these distract as well.
Running! Run! Sport! Move your legs move your head move stuff, all organs move. Why everyone runs after a ball habibi?

These are mentalistic things that can be done, and those are non-mentalistic things that cannot be done…."

*gargary is some kind of local lollipops shaped like animals.

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