Tuesday, February 08, 2005

This is the STUPIDEST comment I heard since the elections (from Al-Sabah, link in Arabic). And I said "since the elections" because the group in question has a very long history in stupid statements:

Abdul Hadi Al-Darraji, one of Muqtada's senior aides said:
"The elections were half legitimate and consequently, the coming government will not enjoy legitimacy".

Why this is stupid? Well, it is more than stupid as today it was announced that the list of "The Patriot Elites" which consists of a number of Muqtada's supporters has so far won a minimum of two seats in the coming National Assembly. By the way, If these are "Elites" I wonder what scum would look like!?

Anyway, observers expect the mentioned list to achieve as much as 10 seats out of the 275 seats when the ballot count is over.

I can understand it when someone opposes a government (that exists) but he doesn't agree with, or wasn't asked for his opinion while it was formed but to see someone criticizing a government (that WILL exist) and he is going to take part in its formation….That's beyond my comprehension!!

I can't deny that I'm worried about the danger associated with such kind of people having seats in the National Assembly but I will save the discussion for another post when the final results are announced.

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