Monday, December 27, 2004

In the last two days I was busy putting my blog together after that mysterious error and it seems that I overlooked some very important stuff and missed some news that require a stop.
The one I'm trying to point at is THIS.
I saw that not a few bloggers have already addressed this……Damn it, I can't find a word to describe it. Anyway I just want to add few words from my personal experience.
Haifa street is not a preferred choice for Baghdadis when they want to go for a walk or even for regular movement because of the dangerous alliance that was born several months ago between the Ba'athists who have the money and the regular criminals who are alwyas hungry for money and these criminals inhabit the old neighborhood close to this street.

And I believe it's become a sinister spot for journalists who work for foreign media after one of them got killed in a helicopter rocket attack during some clashes between the terrorists and the coalition troops some time ago.
So, what the f*** was that photographer doing with his equipment at that particular moment, in that particular spot?

An explanation is needed….No wait, what would I do with a stupid explanation!
I demand an investigation on this incident, immediately because frankly I'm tired of watching this happening again and again and I'm tired of talking about such suspicious activities from some news networks. Once it was Al Jazeera, the second time it was Al Arabiya and now it's AP.

Who's going to get killed next? And who's going to cover it live?

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